You’ve earned the right to live the dream. Don’t settle for “so-so” in the city – when you can enjoy golf course living – and all that implies – at Mountain Falls. This is the prestigious lifestyle you always planned to enjoy… “someday.” Imagine: Quiet days of ease amidst greens and landscaped avenues; being greeted each morning with fresh air and big skies, the whole capped with vast views of desert valleys and mountains. Here, “community” means new and lasting friendships, your time and space is your own, and your privacy comes with a bit more elbow room.

Can you picture it now? The ability to live your dream – yet still have the financial freedom to spend your days exactly as you wish? Because you can make it happen now, and at a fraction of what you expected to pay for it in the city. Let that sink in for a moment. True, luxurious golf course living starting from the low-$200,000s.

At Mountain Falls, you don’t simply choose a home, you make an investment in your entire way of life. Located just 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, this isn’t the Pahrump you think you know. From your new home base at Mountain Falls, Las Vegas becomes a destination accessed for your benefit and enjoyment – but it’s not a requirement to meet your everyday needs.

You’ll find all the conveniences of big-city suburbs close by: shopping, health care, banks, home services, auto repair, restaurants, hotels, casinos, and much more. (Looking for a particular service? Visit the Chamber of Commerce here for a list of local businesses.) The new 58,000 square foot medical facility (HealthCare Partners) opened in 2017, and a $12 million addition to the Veteran’s Clinic opened in 2016.

Add to all this: the availability of outdoor recreation, nearby national parks, wineries, speedway, motorsports ranch, firearms training, and more. Then factor in a calendar of annual events that the town is famous for – the Pahrump Balloon Festival, the Fall Festival, and “Race for the Gold,” to name a few. This is today’s Pahrump: a quiet space that’s experiencing a fresh new wave of energy and growth. It’s the perfect place at the perfect time to call “home.”

Taylor Morrison Homes created this oasis of golf and master planned community in the midst of a peaceful, natural setting as friendly as it is beautiful. Welcome – to where the lush greens, trees, and water features of one of the top 25 Friendliest Courses in the U.S. (2015) merge with winding avenues, trails, parks, dining, and resident’s facility. This is precisely what you’ve been seeking. This is your time. This…is Mountain Falls.