No Doubt About It, You’ve Arrived at Mountain Falls

As we began describing in our previous blog article, we’ve been changing things up at Mountain Falls in a big way during the past months. With all our expansions, improvements, and updates now completed, we want to make sure all our golfers, visitors, residents, and residents-to-be know what’s we’ve been up to at this active and dynamic master planned community and golf club.

So, let’s move on to Chapter Two! (Coincidentally, that’s how many of our residents describe their lifestyle at Mountain Falls.)

Few things are more frustrating than trying to give someone directions to a specific place or event, and having to rely on vague visual descriptions to get them there. (How on earth our pioneer ancestors made their way across the west with clues like “turn south at that notch in the mountain” – we’ll never know!)

We felt your pain. And so – one of our priorities during the many recent changes we’ve made here – was to address that dilemma. That’s why now, when you arrive at Mountain Falls Golf Club, you’ll be greeted with the above photo.

Yes, yes – we know! SIGNS are awesome, right? Welcome to our much more easily identified) Mountain Falls Restaurant & Residents Facility! (You’ll hear more about the Mountain Falls Grill Room updates soon, too.)

And if you look closely to compare, you’ll see that not only is our awesome new Mountain Falls logo incorporated in the new signage – there’s also a little hint of some new things we’ve done with landscaping and beautifying our outdoor gathering and seating spaces, too. (But just a hint, because we don’t want to spoil the surprise of our future blog post!)

As we mentioned before, though, our motto is – if you’re going to do something – then do it right. So we made it a point to also add new signage to our on-site Golf Pro Shop, too. (Which means, no longer do you just need to follow the person with the new golf clubs to find it!)

We know it’s a lot to take in, and we certainly don’t want to overwhelm your senses. But really, we’re just getting started – so stay tuned for future announcements soon!